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Lady Justice Kneeling Holding Scale And Sword

Lady Justice Kneeling Holding Scale And Sword

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Justitia was the Roman goddess of Justice. Her origin may be from the Greek Titan Themis, who was an oracle at Delphi, and became known as a goddess and Astraca but not “divine justice.” There are many variations of the way of divine justice. Her daughters were also known as goddesses of justi Justitia is depicted, but most often she is portrayed as carrying the scales of justice in one hand and a sword in the other and with her eyes blindfolded which ‘symbolizes the fair and equal administration of the Taw without corruption, avarice, prejudice, or favor in the legal systems throughout the western world. This statue is beautifully designed, sculpted and handcrafted to the finest det (Bronzelpewter) finish cold cast metal

Size(inch): L 8 1/2 * W 5 1/4 * H 9 7/8
Material: Cold Cast Bronze + Zinc Alloy

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